Automakers are constantly developing more efficient engines and drive-trains to reduce fuel consumption, and a wide range of sophisticated emissions-control technology is putting cleaner automobiles on the road everywhere. This means advance fixturing, manufacturing components to the highest precision & quick turnaround time is required to make it all happen.

The auto industry is a huge contributor to the well being of people and society, with millions of people living from the automobile. With companies like Tesla who strive to Innovate are a game changer for the Auto Industry in the years to come.

  • Strong pedigree in product detailing and manufacturing engineering solutions
  • Improving manufacturing productivity in terms of quantity and quality. (Cost Benefit – Proposed material saving techniques, thereby reducing the manufacturing & life cycle cost of the end product).
  • Custom Manufacturing.Prototype Builds.

Powertrain Fixtures & BIW (Body-In-White)

We at Topgrip assist Tier One companies Globally and specifically in the United States to manufacture and assemble hand tools, BIW & Powertrain fixtures for the automotive sector.

Topgrip started exporting Automotive Fixtures, Standard NC components & build-to-print components in 2014.

We take up detailing / machining / fabrication and Assembly works for the Tier One Companies. Our CNC machine shop and Inspection facilities help us achieve top quality as expected from our customers.

When it comes to assembly of the powertrain, one of the most important aspects is something that tends to get far less attention is: fixturing. The fixturing that holds these components in place during assembly must not only provide precise manufacturing but they must be sufficiently robust to keep the components in line.
We have worked with powertrain fixture manufacturers in the United States & Germany.

Body in White (B.I.W.) refers to the welded sheet metal components which form the vehicles structure to which the other components will be married, i.e., engine, chassis, exterior and interior trim.
Topgrip has detailed and manufactured NC Standard components, Geo fixtures, Re-spot fixtures, Geo grippers, Checking fixtures, Hood installation fixtures, General Assembly tooling.

At Topgrip we also provide build to print services where the engineer shares us a drawing and we manufacture exactly as per specification. Our capabilities include welding,machining & fabrication.
You have a sample to be manufactured or 3D printed ? We can do it.